About Us


I have been in and around the commercial cattle business for a lifetime and in 2000 started the LAZY K CATTLE CO. My goal then was to stock cattle that would produce superior offspring with minimal work. In other words I did not want to have to continuously feed or provide tons of supplements in order to keep a quality herd. I culled everything but those cows that provided exactly what I was looking for. I realized that this effort should be far easier with the use of good EPD’s. The problem was that this data was only readily available in registered stock, so like many other things I have done I began the experiment. I took EPD results and ran with them, only to realize that they were “mostly” accurate. You simply cannot replace the eye of a rancher that has spent countless hours looking at cows to determine exactly what would yield the desired results. Too often today the world is led by the “paper” rancher, where great EPD’s are bred together only to yield inferior livestock. Always remember the eyes don’t lie.

Today my wife Tracey and I run both registered Black Hereford and cross bred commercial stock. The goal is still the same, raise cattle that produce profit without tremendous amounts of labor. The homozygous black Hereford bull gives us the calves that do just that. As anyone who has been to a sell barn in the last several years can attest any breed that does not produce calves with black hides are docked while their black counterparts fetch a premium. And even one step better, the black baldy will bring top dollar even over the solid black yearlings that go through the ring with them. 

Most of our calves are sold at auction to go to the feedlots but each year we hold back the best of the best and sell those via private treaty for show stock or just great front pasture cattle.

The latest foray is to introduce a Registered Braham bull into the mix as I continue to search for the perfect combination of size, color, and toughness which in the end will still support the original goal.

The bottom line is we certainly do not claim to know everything but we have kept meticulous records for 20 years tracking cattle year over year. Comparing things like: range condition, calving dates, weaning weights, price/lb adjusted to current market, calf production based on age of dam and sire, etc. and the results speak for themselves! Through both good and bad market conditions we have grown our herd organically year over year.