Welcome to the LAZY K Cattle Company

Lazy K Cattle Company manages cattle on over 800 acres (and growing) of beautiful East Texas pasture. Our management philosophy is very simplistic: Start with great cattle and great genetics, maintain them on pasture that is carefully managed, provide them with the basic necessary minerals and couple that with a strong herd health program. We do these few basic steps and then we watch as our calves grow bigger and healthier than most. If you purchase a bull or replacement heifer prospect from Lazy K Cattle Company you will be getting the best nature has to offer – not an over fed, hormone infused, and artificially inflated animal that will give you problems later.

Our goal is not to be the biggest producer but to provide some of the best animals you will find anywhere. If your goal is better return at auction with your commercial herd, more wins in the show ring, developing your own herd of “front pasture” cattle, or simply great pure clean grass-fed beef for the table, then Lazy K Cattle Company is your choice.